Some of my hobbies

Bill. gato negro


May I say he's the sweetest cat in the world? Yes, he is. He is a dog-cat, always looking for attention.

I have a cushion for him close to my table where he use to sleep while I'm working. 

I like to relax cuddling and stroking him.



I wish I could live in a different country every year. As I can't, I try to travel as much as my duties and money allow me.

I have visited around 20 countries (not that much) but it's still a work in progress ;). 

During my travels, I like to take pictures of amateur photographers that are shooting pictures. I have an account in Instagram called @fotografosocasionales where I share this photos. Follow it here

The pic is from our last travel, in Iceland


I discovered this sweet world around 10 years ago. If you are a sugar crafter, you know that it's an endless world.

It almost became a business when I was in Italy (In fact I have around 3.000 followers in facebook. ( ), but I see it as a hobby so I make this kind of cakes for family and friends. 

Yes, the "purse" in the photo is a cake, totally edible.



From Fashion to sculpture. From Graphic design to painting, literature or cuisine, I love creativity in all its areas.

I paint and have tried sculpture. I studied one year crash course of Graphic Design and also another one of Fashion Design. My mom was a couturier and I was raised among threads and needles, so I appreciate the art in a well done garment.

The draw in the photo is mine. I like to draw figurines.