Main Experience. (There is more, but it was too long)



In Milan, Italy, I developed my non corporate life in many areas. As an example, I holded different committee positions in several international community organizations, including leading several workshops in the use of internet for self working, and organizing and coordinating fund raising for different charities.

I also mentored professionals and small business in their first steps in the digital world: personal branding, digital marketing plans, etc.

In the photo: Benvenuto International Club speaking to a group of expats ladies about how to use internet for a paid job. 



lepreg. Founder and CEO.

During 6 years I started and developed my own fashion brand for pregnant women and the store in Barcelona. 

Lepreg was finalist in two prizes as best innovative shop and best young entrepreneur in barcelona in 2007.

What did I do:

- Business Plan,financial support, store location, providers, branding

- Design and production of lepreg basic collection

- General managing

- Purchases at international fairs.

- Controlling

- Strategic and performance marketing and communication: online and offline

- Human resources



Puig. Brand Manager Mass Market fragrances.

Almost 5 years developing and launching new brands and products within the marketing department. I learned a lot of local marketing and sales. And I enjoyed the team and the hard work.

What did I do:

- Product Creation and Design with R+D and Design.

- Market Analysis.

- Marketing Plan of each brand.

- Creating and developing promotions.

- Managing the Media campaigns

- Managing the Marketing Budget and my brands' P&L.

- Managing stocks.

- Presentations to sales force, etc.

Captura de pantalla 2019-09-12 a las 18.


Chupa Chups. Product Manager.

I started as Assistant and soon I was promoted to Product Manager. These were 5 years of really hard work but we have a sense of belonging and we were so proud to be Chupa Chups that even in the long days we really had fun.

What did I do:

- Products design with R+D in China.

- Products Launching plans.

- Marketing budget.

- Planning production and stocks.

- Presentations to sales force, etc.